How our technology works

V1CE leverages a technology that's natively already a part of your daily routine, even if you're not aware of it. Many leading brands depend on this technology. Whether you're tapping your gym card for access or using your phone to pay for groceries, NFC powers these interactions.
 Powered by NFC V1CE has created a industry leading software that supercharges your networking capabilities. Tap your V1CE product against any Apple or Android phone, instantly sharing a unique link to your personal and fully customizable digital experience. Connect, share, and grow your network anytime, anywhere, with no need for additional apps.

Turn more interactions into sales & protect the planet

Get the business card that makes a memorable impression. Instantly share contact details, lead forms, links, and more with V1CE enhanced NFC technology.

connecting made easy

The magic behind V1CE

Your V1CE hub boasts remarkable flexibility and a user-friendly design. With the ability to create multiple profiles for any business or purpose, update information in real-time, and swiftly transition between profiles to alter what appears on your card, V1CE elevates networking to new heights of convenience.

Features that convert

Highlight Your Best Self

At V1CE, we believe in telling your story your way. Our profile feature lets you include bios, roles, contact information, and much more, giving you the power to showcase the full breadth of you and your company. Engage and grow your network by offering a single source for all your professional information.

No app needed sharing

Near Field Communication

By taking advantage of the V1CE NFC function, you can effortlessly share your information; tap your V1CE-compatible product to a phone, and both parties can exchange details without any apps.

valuable insights

data is king

Why leave networking to chance when everything else is data-driven? Harness your analytics dashboard to track performance at every level - be it individual, team, or organization. Instantly see real-time data, discover what interests your profile viewers, and use this knowledge to create an engaging, optimized profile.


Sharing information is as simple as a tap, no apps needed. We utilize the power of your phone's built-in NFC technology, making it effortless to share your information using any V1CE product. Enjoy the convenience and innovation, all in one tap!

At V1CE, we often encounter the question, "Can I preview my design before purchasing?" we believe that no logo uploader or previewer matches our in-house designers. We are committed to ensuring that your design, paired with our products, stands unrivalled in the market.

So here's our effortless process - once you've selected and purchased your products, we'll email you a design brief to complete. Then, our skilled design team will create a stunning visual mockup that's sent your way for review. Feel free to request as many revisions as you need until you're completely satisfied. And remember, if you're not thrilled for any reason, we have a "never go back guarantee".

Alternatively, if you have an in-house design team, they're welcome to follow our clear and convenient design guidelines here. With V1CE, it's always about simplicity, quality, and your satisfaction.

Once you've become part of the V1CE family by purchasing a product, you'll be warmly welcomed with an email to set up your V1CE account. Dive in, and create your contact card, profiles, social builders and design forms for capturing valuable leads. Even better? You can update all your information in real time, swiftly modifying what you wish to share, all within a click.

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V1CE is as secure as any new-age technology and is as safe as the information you choose to put on it. NFC only works within an inch of a compatible device, and can only share information, it cannot extract it. You are in control and can choose what information you put on the card, so make sure you're only sharing things you'd feel safe to share with everyone.

If you want to be sure that no one can get your information (from not just your V1CE card but also your debit and credit cards) then take a look at our RFID blocking wallets.

A physical business card with a small integrated circuit and a receiver for wireless communication for NFC-enabled devices; such as a smartphone or tablet

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is the same technology that powers your contactless payments via your debit or credit card.

To use an NFC business card, simply hover your V1CE card over a smartphone and the information on the card will be transferred. No apps are needed for the sharing of information.

Share your personal or professional story without limitations. Share a simple contact card. Or use our profile feature that Includes bios, roles, contact information, websites, social profiles, videos, images, FAQs, lead forms, appointment links, menus, portfolios, and more for a complete showcase of you and your company.

In the modern age, digital business cards are a valuable tool for networking and building connections as they boost online visibility; allow for personalised customisation with various multimedia content; The benefits of using an NFC business card include convenience, versatility, and efficiency. It allows for the seamless transfer of information; eliminating the need for manual data entry. It also enables businesses to track the usage of their cards and analyze their marketing efforts.

Yes, an NFC business card can be reused multiple times. The information on the card can be updated and reprogrammed as needed.

We take pride in being the only company to manufacture, design and produce all of our cards in house. This means our production lead time is 1-2 days depending on how large of an order. Majority of the time, we aim to dispatch your order on the very next day of you approving the digital mockup or proof.