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Jose Reynoso

Senior Buyer
Jack Daniels 

"After networking with someone at a conference who uses V1CE, we made the change. I love the different options of designs. It was easy enough to use and everyone I have shared it with loves the look and ability to share information vs a standard card.”

Laurence Jones

Senior Manager - Marketing
Bahrain International Circuit

"The launch of our contactless business cards is another step in our commitment to building a sustainable future and limiting our impact on the planet. We are delighted to be working with V1CE which has developed leading technology"

Dominic Hwang

Sourcing Specialist

"We are delighted with the time saved by simply editing employee cards when people leave the company, join the company, or receive a promotion to a new role. As we continue our upward trajectory with V1CE, we plan to scale even larger for increased visibility in the future"

Chris Sargant

Regional Manager
Dillard's Department Store

"People still matter, relationships still matter, an algorithm can't do what this card can do. They are more than just cards; they foster meaningful connections. V1CE cards offer something unique and irreplaceable. We are thrilled to have found a solution that allows us to build stronger relationships".

Belina Benard

Assistante Marketing
Global Jet

"Global Jet switched to V1CE's digital cards in June, captivated by their aesthetic and quality. These cards have become an effortless solution for sharing contact details, personalized for each team member, enhancing our professional image. V1CE has greatly contributed to our business growth and simple contact sharing".

Charlie Harrison

Managing Director
Furniture Village

"Technology becomes a game changer when it simplifies our lives, and that's precisely what V1CE does! Thank you." Additionally, constantly updating job titles became tiresome. V1CE's digital solution addresses these challenges effectively. Its ease of use and convenience make it a must-have tool for modern professionals. 

Julia Lucarelli

Facilities & Procurement Manager
Air Canada

"As a traveling sales team meeting countless new vendors worldwide, such as hotels, V1CE business cards have become an essential, modern tool for sharing our information. Compact and professional, these cards greatly simplify networking. They're impressively portable and stylish"

Faisal Parkar

IT Director
Tim Hortons - Middle East

"Thank you, V1CE, for helping us out in taking our networking game to the next level, I highly recommend everyone to connect with V1CE and let them be part of your digital-first strategy for networking."

James Woodward

Head of IT Business Partnering
Lotus Cars

"The V1CE CRM system has truly transformed our networking approach. It's not just about making connections anymore; it's about nurturing and managing these relationships effectively. The system's simplicity and efficiency have made it an indispensable tool for our teams."

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Get the business card that makes a memorable impression. Instantly share contact details, lead forms, links, and more with V1CE enhanced NFC technology.


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Forge unforgettable connections with a simple tap of your V1CE card, instantly sharing your digital business card with their phone. Easily customize your V1CE profile to fit any scenario.

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Find a style and color scheme that showcases your business's personality. Upon purchase, our design team will send you an email to complete a design brief. They will then create your card for your approval at no additional charge. Alternatively, you can upload a print-ready design (design guidelines).

to name a few of our 185,000+ customers

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to name a few of our 185,000+ customers

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